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Carpediem promoSchedule"Carpe diem quam minime credula postero"

- Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future

Carpe Diem, the very famous fest of CBIT, rakes up many fond memories across many generations.And the name couldn't have been more apt. The brain child of a very enthusiastic batch which passed out in 2002, Carpe Diem has ever since been a ritual among CBITians. A biennial fest, it is undoubtedly one of the most awaited events in hyderabad. Ask any CBITian about 'CARPE DIEM', and  you'll definitely not miss the twinkle in their eyes & the pride in their voice. Carpe Diem was the first of its kind.

The city got a taste of an actual fest in the year 2002. Pulling it off was no simple task. There was everything at stake. Money, pride, hard work & faith. Students toiled day in & day out. They had no previous experience, no mentor to guide them. All they had was a vision. They wanted to give the city an unforgettable fest & CBITians, something they could be proud of. A true college fest...

Numerous meetings, arguments, discussions... loads of trips & hours, at times days of persuasion for the sponsors to chip in. It definitely wasn't easy. But no one was complaining. And the result was out there for everyone to see. Carpe Diem 2002 was a massive hit. Getting EUPHORIA to perform for a college fest was no small feat, but then who wanted mediocre stuff? Here were students aiming for the stars & they definitely reached the skies. A 2k run, various food & gaming stalls, & an amazing concert night... Carpe Diem was etched in people's memory forever.

The following editions just got bigger and better. And How. It was a ritual which had to continue come what may. The hard work, the dedication, the hopes & dreams continued. Carpe Diem was the pride of CBITians. A fest which truly set us apart from other colleges.  There was only one option- to make it inimitable!. The stage was set for Carpe Diem-04 everything went according to the plan. but then it rained cats & dogs on the eventful day. If the crowd's will-power is anything to go by, gathering of 7000 people proved that come hell or high water, there is nothing that can dampen the spirit of the students.

SLASH- a rock band competition, again the first of its kind for any college fest in the city, saw the crowd go insane!! The rain did play a spoilsport, but no one cared about it. People were thoroughly enjoyed themselves... All the hard work, the sweat & blood tht went into the making of the fest, paid off! SILK comprising of Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani, Louis Banks, Sridhar Parthsarthy & Keith Peters enthralled the crowds. DJ Nasha & Mother Jane got the crowd into a trance. The students achieved what they set out to achieve. Here was Carpe Diem- The God of all campus events.

Then came Carpe Diem-06... JAL & DJ Suketu performed under one roof. A mesmerized crowd of 17000, the rock band competition, loads of food & fun stalls, karunya- Indian Idol-2 runner up got the crowd grooving... Two days of pure undiluted fun. People now knew what to expect from Carpe Diem. It was no Run-in-the-mill kind of fest. It isn't meant to be.

Carpe Diem-08 saw the likes of Sunidhi Chauhan , Preetam, Sivamani & DJ Whosane set the tempo. It was the same thing all over again, only better. A dedicated & hardworking team set out to surpass people's expectations. With a huge crowd of 12000 odd people, the party continued.

Now comes the turn of CARPE DIEM 2010. The date is set, the team has plunged into action. There is a standard to surpass, expectations to live upto. Carpe Diem 2010 promises to be different yet remain the same in spirit. This time it kick starts with 'LITERATI', a literary fest that is ready to set a new benchmark. It sees the rendezvous of CBIT's 2 important communities, CS & Communicando. A 2K run is going to be held a week before the event to set the tempo. SLASH- the rock band competition, which is food for soul for the music junkies starts on the first day & continues into the second day. The 2nd day evening will have a fitting finale to the fest. An evening which promises to get the crowd grooving... It's going to have some amazing performances by stalwarts lined up. Wait and see.

And Hey!!  Everyone is invited.

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