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About Communicando:

Communicando (read as commun-i-can-do), the literary club of CBIT, was started with an idea of providing a platform to the students to enhance their soft skills as well as provide a vent to their creative ideas. It has been conducting activities such as ‘virtual marketing’ where participants understand and analyze the customer requirements, ‘simulate to negotiate’ where participants undergo a brain storming session and come up with elegant solutions to issues given. The host of events organized ranged from workshops to serious events like debate to fun events like JAM.

The club has received a great response from the students and has been successful in exploring and enhancing the leadership skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills of the students through a smart learning process.

About Literati 1.0:

Our dedication towards the events and the tremendous response from the participants has inspired us to envisage a ‘first of its kind’ literary fest LITERATI 1.0.

Literati 1.0 has a variety of events like Mr & Ms LITERATI, GRAND STAND, KWIZZIT, etc... Apart from these events Informal events such as article writing, photography and flick rush will also be conducted in a lighter vein. Literati entices students from all disciplines like engineering, arts, medical, pharmacy etc... Our events are aimed at emanating the cluster of personality traits, effective communication and optimism from every participant.



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