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EVENTS in Literati 1.0:

Literati 1.0 has a variety of events like Mr & Ms LITERATI, GRAND STAND, KWIZZIT, etc... Apart from these events Informal events such as article writing, photography and flick rush will also be conducted in a lighter vein. Literati entices students from all disciplines like engineering, arts, medical, pharmacy etc... Our events are aimed at emanating the cluster of personality traits, effective communication and optimism from every participant.

FISHBOWL- Ideate & Innovate

Fishbowl (static)

Participants sit in a fishbowl manner but in a back to back fashion. The delegates are given a set of figures and an empty sheet(different for inner and outer circles). They are supposed to describe the figures given to them in a sentence or two…then the descriptions are exchanged between the participants of inner and outer circle now they are supposed to draw the figures reading the description.

Fishbowl (dynamic)

A fun activity and energizer where participants sit in a fishbowl manner (i.e.; in concentric circles facing each other in a circle). Participants in outer circle will be given a set of questions and participants in the inner circle will be given a set of answers (jumbled). Now the activity begins by playing some music. Delegates of inner circle will move clockwise and outer circle will move in anti-clockwise direction. When the music stops, delegates facing each other will match the questions and answers!!!The activity repeats for every 5 minutes each time with a new partner!!!

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VIRTUAL MARKET- sell your Idea!!

The participants are divided into groups of 4 members. A stall is provided for each group along with chart and sketch pens. Now they are given a list of items which they are supposed to sell under schemes and offers…

Naming the stall, designing schemes, publicizing the products is left to their creativity. Then a set of 10 people acting as customers will be visiting each stall and purchasing goods under schemes. The team that could sell max no of products is the winner.

For further details, call 9912910350

GRAND STAND- your take

This is a 1 on 1 Cambridge style debate in which a Group Discussion is used for the purpose of elimination.

Don’t miss it…………

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Is a short film review in which a clipping not more than 7-8 min will be played. The participants are given 20 min to review the clip.

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As the name suggests is a General Knowledge quiz which include questions on Literature.

One of the rounds, HUH?? is something you should watch out for.

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Apart from the above a whole lot of conventional as well as informal events await you at Literati 1.0.



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