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the ultimate challenge


Round 1:


This round is an impromptu in which the participants are given 45 sec to think and 1 minute to express their views/thoughts.


Round 2: PROACTIVE/REACTIVE- Two sides of the same coin


To inculcate the ability to foresee problematic situations and also on the other side strengthen hearts and evolve the aftermath strategies assuming the problem has occurred.

This consists of two parts:

Part 1: When a crisis is about to occur the first thing the members need to do is to elect a leader to whom they can communicate with and listen to.

So the election of leader is done by a questionnaire and voting (intra-group) the questionnaire is also for posing questions

Time check: 2 min to answer and 3 min to evaluate and decide

Part 2: The problem is posed to the participants and to the group as a whole and the prospects of their problem –solving is given as an abstract idea which should contain the proactive and reactive prospects.

Proactive Problem Management:

Prevention is the main agenda of this part of round. Strategies are to be evolved to prevent the threat.

Identifying weaknesses or errors in the infrastructure and proposing applicable resolutions.

Time check: 3 and half min and an extra time of half time to conclude

Reactive Problem Management:

The latter case of studies involves how to cope up with the crisis which has already occurred in such a way that damage is minimal. And also identifies the root cause of past incidents and proposes improvements and resolutions.

Reactive Problem Management is categorized into two areas:

  • Damage control measures
  • In depth probe


Time check: 3 and half min and an extra time of half time to conclude

The different roles in the problem management are to be discussed within the group and presented to the audience. Everyone in the group should present and speak their role in situation handling whether proactive or reactive and also collaborate with their cabinet.

The presentation should be facilitated by the leader chosen.

Round 3: Stress Interview

A thin limit between scourge and conquest

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