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A strong beat, insistent back beat and a catchy melody, the three chords in the purest form of rock . CBIT hosts SLASH, a rock musical festival. With what is probably the most multifarious team ever, this time SLASH is different. It’s contagious,with the strings reverbrating each of your cell! These guys playing rock blues, heavy metal, hardcore punk and all kinds of new waves get your adrenalin flowing with their electric guitars and drums. There’s that extripation of breathlessness without room for any other thoughts.

We invite you to SLASH, laid down in CARPE DIEM by rythym sections of electric instruments from all over the country.

Now that the road 2 CBIT is wide and nice, join us in the plethora of ROCK, fix your vocal chords and get ready to bang your head into a state of trance. If you are gluttonous for music and need to satisfy your appetite, this is the where you want to be!

Registrations have been closed!! Click here to view the List of Selected bands.

Click here for the promo vid!! 


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