Parikshith Reddy:


"Can't believe it's Carpe Diem time again, I remember the days building up to October 4th, 2008 as if it were yesterday. The 4 months of planning, implementation, fund raising and a 200 strong team of kids ready to jump of their seats at the words 'get me the money' is an experience that is deeply rooted in my memory.


Carpe Diem 2006

Judge not an event by the numbers

- Narasimha Reddy


Firstly, I'm sure whoever is reading this is looking for what actually happened during Carpe Diem 2006 to make it that successful. Bear in mind that when I associate adjectives like successful, amazing, epic, unbelievable, awesome, etc. in the rest of this piece, I'm not being your typical 20-something that has perverted the meanings of these words by using them to death. I can assure you I rarely enthuse, and when I talk I'm a man of few words. But when I believe that something deserves all the talk, trust me, the hyperbole is matched by the raw facts that go behind it.


Vishal Reddy:

One life… one day… one event… one legend!

This is precisely what Carpe Diem means to us. It isn’t just an event, it is our passion. Considering the plethora of adversities encountered this time, it has been proved without doubt that we are the best team on this planet. Much to the amazement of some of the biggest event managers in this country, Chaitanya Smruti… a student organization has successfully pulled of an event of this magnitude (on a rainy day!) without any loss. I had several event managers approaching me after the event asking how we did it. All I said was, “have a team like mine!”.


Aditya Vuchi:


Meeting 1: XX January 2002

It all started in January 2002 when the Executive members of the Student Committee sat down to discuss the college festival that we had been thinking of, for quite a while. With the academic year coming to a close, the event needed to be done now or ditch the idea all together. Until then, college festivals were a small gathering of students with some games, music and food. More like a neighbourhood fair. But, we had different ideas. We wanted to do something different and do an event that the Hyderabad college community had never seen before.





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