Memories 2004 Edition

Vishal Reddy:

One life… one day… one event… one legend!

This is precisely what Carpe Diem means to us. It isn’t just an event, it is our passion. Considering the plethora of adversities encountered this time, it has been proved without doubt that we are the best team on this planet. Much to the amazement of some of the biggest event managers in this country, Chaitanya Smruti… a student organization has successfully pulled of an event of this magnitude (on a rainy day!) without any loss. I had several event managers approaching me after the event asking how we did it. All I said was, “have a team like mine!”.

The day was September 4th and we were all geared up for a ga rgantu an event. Everything seemed perfect… the stalls had an immense response, the game stalls lane was overcrowded, the food stall owners were beaming with joy and SLASH (the rock competition) was frolicsome. Rain was the last thing on my mind and obviously didn’t occupy any space on the Contingency Plan. We had fire extinguishers, ambulance, police, security and so on but rain?  I saw all the black tee shirts running around the campus attending to the people in need of help. Our walkie talkies seized to function, all of us were drenched from head to toe but giving up hadn’t occurred to any of us. This was the moment of reckoning, we had to decide once for all; I had to make sure everyone was clear about one thing… Whatever happens, we are making it happen!’ From then on, everything started taking shape, My Team erected the damaged barricades, installed water proofing for the stage and double checked the fencing. 7.30 pm and it was all set… the infamous cricket ground was ready for the concert.

At the end of the day… in spite of all the hard knocks, the event did happen. We made it happen. And we did it in style. Chaitanya Smruti managed to organize yet another incomparable event. We have created a benchmark authentic to us. Incontrovertibly, if it is ever going to be surpassed, it could be done only by CS!



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