Memories 2008 Edition

Parikshith Reddy:


"Can't believe it's Carpe Diem time again, I remember the days building up to October 4th, 2008 as if it were yesterday. The 4 months of planning, implementation, fund raising and a 200 strong team of kids ready to jump of their seats at the words 'get me the money' is an experience that is deeply rooted in my memory.

I vaguely remember the D-day as it was more of a blurr with music, fire accidents, gate crashers, security issues, sniffer dogs and amazing performances by the artists that left everybody high, but the days building up to the D-day were full off handling emotions, egos, excitement, hard cash, rude sponsors, sly event managers, money crazy artists, a slightly confused management and the multiple nightouts with the core team these are by fa r the best memories that spawn out of my head and I am lucky to have had such a team which took to things head on and strictly followed the motto 'bash on regardless' to achieve their targets and fulfill a collective dream to be the best CS team.


I bet Carpe Diem 2010 would be the best of the lot, go CS!"



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